Air Filtration Services

The air filter cleans the air from dust, leaves and other debris, before feeding air into the engine, where it mixes with fuel. The ratio of air and fuel has a significant impact on the operation of the engine. If the air filter is dirty or clogged, it does not provide enough air for the engine, which leads to a number of problems (the engine may not start, the engine may be working irregularly, etc.).

The air filter plays a major role in ensuring the normal operation of the engine, just like fuel oil. Timely air filter replacement is essential for good filtration of dust and dirt. If cleaning is not done properly, all these impurities can get into the engine and interfere with its normal operation.

Air Filter

When You Should Replace Air Filters

Engine Air Filter Replacement

Air filter is used to clean the atmospheric air, involved in the generation of oxidizing agent in the working mixture, which burns in the engine cylinders. Timely replacement of engine air filter prevents your car from rapid contamination of the engine. For the year of vehicle operation in Dubai air filter accumulates up to 150 grams of dust. If the filter is clogged the fuel consumption increases and worsens the dynamic properties of the engine. Average operating period of engine air filters is about 10-20 thousand kilometers.

Fuel Filter Replacement

The fuel filter is designed to remove impurities (particles, water) from fuel before it is fed into the fuel line leading to the engine. If the fuel filter is clogged, then the engine may not even start. Therefore, regular replacement of the fuel filter should be made within the time in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. The implication of a poor fuel filter is rapid contamination of the injector, which leads to rough engine operation, excessive fuel consumption and loss of power.

Cabin Filter

Cabin Filter Replacement

Cabin air filters are designed to clean the air, entering the interior of the car, from all sorts of impurities, and also to protect the evaporator (small radiator standing in the same place where the heater core is located) against blockage by various debris. You feel an unpleasant smell in the cabin? You definitely need to replace the cabin filter as it is extremely necessary, especially for residents of large cities, where the concentration of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulfur in the air may exceed the permissible limit in ten or even fifteen times. We recommend to change cabin filters at least 2 times a year.