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A rechargeable car battery Dubai is the only source of electrical energy in your vehicle. A rechargeable battery is charged by the alternator during engine operation. If the battery has insufficient charge, it will be impossible to start the engine and use any electrical devices (lights, radio, etc.).

The service life of the battery ranges from 3 to 6 years, depending on operating conditions. During the lifetime of the battery its capacity is gradually reduced. Deteriorating characteristics of the battery is one of the most likely causes of problems with starting the vehicle. It is better to replace the battery in advance. 

Dial a battery Dubai and we will find the best battery for your car.

Cheking Car Battery

Battery Replacement Process

If the battery of your car has become useless and should be dismantled, please dial 800 battery Dubai with car repair.ae for our services and professional mechanics.

The following actions are performed:

  • Our specialist disconnects the negative wire;
  • Then he disconnects the positive wire;
  • The old battery is removed;
  • The installation of the new device is made by series connection of the wires in the reverse order.

Car Battery

Features of the Battery replacement services

The replacement of the car battery is associated with the complete memory wipe of all systems. Therefore, before disconnecting the battery, all parameters will be saved by our specialists. After the new battery is installed, all settings will be restored within a relatively short period of time.

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