Engine services

Our company offers services of the overhaul of engines of all types installed on any vehicles. We guarantee high quality of our work, as for all necessary operations we use a wide range of special instruments. We are also ready to provide personal consultation by telephone or e-mail.

If your car needs a major repair it always gets a pre-diagnostic on the special stand, where are conducted measurements of basic indicators – compression, power, speed and so on. After that, we will take off the engine, completely disassemble it, if needed, and replace the broken parts with new ones. When the engine is fixed, the car re-enters the scan stand.

Engine Overhaul

The Repair Process

In our company, diesel engine repair, and repair of petrol engines starts with a diagnosis. Diagnosis will help to determine the cause of faults. Usually you need to check the car engine in case of:

  • The increase in consumption of oil and fuel;
  • The noises at startup or during operation of the engine;
  • Unusual color of the exhaust.

If we are talking about the complete overhaul of the engine, this process occurs according to the following scheme:

  • Complete disassembly of the engine;
  • Engine cleaning using special detergents;
  • The broken parts are restored or replaced with new ones;
  • Engine assembly;
  • The motor of your car is repaired!

Engine Assembly

Fault diagnosis and repair of engines, requires highly skilled specialists and specialized equipment. If you turn to our company for help all the problems that interfere with the normal operation of your vehicle will be solved as soon as possible!

3 reasons to contact us:

  1. In our disposal there is all the necessary equipment for diagnostics, tools for disassembly and assembly of the engine, and most importantly we have first-class specialists!
  2. The cost of our services is lower than that of most other companies.
  3. Our prices are clear! No charges and hidden fees.