Oil change

The oiling system is one of the most important components, which directly affects operation of your vehicle. Therefore, you should not neglect the procedure of oil changing as this will help to extend the life of the vehicle and prevent unforeseen costs associated with the failure of some units during the process of exploitation and their possible repair or even complete replacement.

Engine Oil Change

This term is familiar to every car owner, but not everyone understands why timely engine oil change is necessary, and therefore they are not in a hurry to carry out this procedure. But the presence of clean and high quality oil greatly reduces engine wear by reducing friction between moving parts and also protects the engine from overheating.

Engine Oil Changing Process

To replace the oil, the following components are required:

  • The oil itself;
  • Flushing;
  • Oil filter;
  • Oil additives.

This list is quite small and when you consider that not all car owners resort to the method of flushing the engine and not to use various oil dopes to reduce friction, the procedure may seem a simple formality, especially since it is always attached to the car manual, where a very detailed description of the process of oil change is depicted.

Unfortunately, this is a misleading view, especially when we are talking about expensive cars. Therefore, it always better to trust this process to qualified mechanics. This is due to the fact that the oil change may require additional equipment or tools which are not present in personal use.

Oil Change in Automatic and Manual Gearboxes

In cases when you need to change oil in these units, it is worth noticing that in the automatic transmission oil replacement must be done every 60-90 thousand km, and in the mechanical boxes you don’t need to change the oil at all, except the moments, when you hear unusual sounds while using the transmission.

Car Engine

Even despite the simplicity of the oil changing process it is better to do these procedures in specialized care centers, where mechanics will work using all the necessary tools and equipment and only quality replacement components. They can also carry out analysis of work of mechanisms and give you recommendations to use oil that is specifically manufactured for your car. They always can give advice about the use of various additives and their effects for a more reliable operation of all mechanisms.