Decided to buy Goodrich tires? Then you’ve made the right choice! Tires of this brand today are very popular, reliable, and durable.

Why today Goodrich is synonymous with great quality? The fact that this company exists on the market for more than 140 years (since 1870) and for such a long period, the quality of its products becomes better and better from year to year.

The Benjamin Goodrich Company was established in 1870 in Ohio (USA). It was initially specialized in various rubber products. Backed by a massive advertising, business quickly gained momentum, and soon the company became a famous manufacturer of tires in the United States. The range of its products grew every year and finally the company entered the global market.

Wide Choice of Goodrich TiresGoodrich Tires

The undeniable merits of the Goodrich Company are: the invention of tubeless and radial tires, the idea of using synthetic rubber for production of tires and many other services, the enumeration of which would occupy too much time. Goodrich tires were installed on the space Shuttle "Columbia", and in 1961 the company's specialists, together with NASA engineers developed their own design of a space suit!

Why You Should Buy Goodrich Tires

As mentioned above, the products of the Goodrich company have won the trust of customers a long time ago. However, let's talk about the definite benefits of these tires:

  • Special technology application of the tread pattern offers unprecedented grip.
  • The special shape of the tires eliminates the possibility of aquaplaning of the vehicle.
  • Special additives give the opportunity to significantly increase operating time of tires.

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