Bridgestone is the brand, which is familiar to every motorist. This corporation was founded in 1931 and in less than fifty years managed to win the trust of millions of people around the world because of high quality goods that not only meet all the requirements of quality and reliability, but also sets new standards in this area.

Today Bridgestone tires are installed on millions of cars worldwide, ranging from budget brands, to the premium class sedans. More than that - most tires of "Formula-1" racing cars are manufactured by this company. Part of the concern also includes such companies as Nokian and Potenza.

List of vehicles for which Bridgestone tires are available is truly diverse:

  • Cars;
  • Scooters and motorcycles;
  • Air transport;
  • Agricultural transport;
  • Industrial technique.

Each new series of tires is tested at the special polygons located around the world: in Japan, Sweden, New Zealand. Such attention to quality of its products has allowed the Bridgestone Corporation to strengthen the position of leader in the tire segment of the market.

Bridgestone TiresWide Choice of Bridgestone Tires

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