When Rubber Meets Road Continental Tire Delivers Super Performance

Enjoy the finest ride with Continental Tires. To know about prices and tire types, visit your nearest Car Repair workshop. We offer all ranges of Continental tires in Dubai at the lowest price. Moreover, our in-house tire experts would love to give you free advice and share their knowledge to choose the best possible tires for your car.

The Continental company is considered as the most trusted among tire brands through the use of innovative technologies and German engineering.The heart of their engineering division can be found in Hanover. Continental Tire spends an ample amount of their time and efforts in explaining to the right influencers on the buying decision of their product. Research shows that the tire salespersons have a huge amount of influence over the buying decisions that’s why tire business is considered unique. They make head-to-head comparisons with the competitors.

continental tires in dubai

The Benefits Of Continental Tires In Dubai

  • All makes and models of Continental tires are subjected to intense testing and inspections before they are available for purchase. Every single tire is tested by an expert in different weather conditions and road surfaces. The company uses multiple test range. During the test drives tires overcome over200 million km, and their total stopping distance exceeds 800 km.
  • The use of a patented rubber compound called Black Chilli in Continental tires significantly reduces the stopping distances, thereby achieving efficient energy absorption during braking. Long chain polymers in the rubber compound help reduce rolling resistance making the tires economical in fuel consumption.
  • The macro block design used in the shoulder zone of these tires increase the contact area with the surface and offers wide stability limit with exceptional handling in wet conditions.
  • The special feature of winter spiked tires is diamond spikes which are extra-long spikes. The Diamond spikesincrease the grip performance on ice by 11% in comparison to competitors.