Cooper Company was founded in 1914. Today it is ranked seventh in the world in terms of production of tires. Brand products are manufactured at 52 plants in 13 countries. Cooper tires are famous for their durability as it exceeds 100 thousand kilometers. These tires are suitable for operation in difficult climatic conditions. Another reason for the popularity of Cooper tires is their high cross-country ability.

Features of Cooper Tires

The company produces tires for passenger cars and light trucks. But the really strong point of the brand are tires for SUVs, which are produced in summer, winter and all-season versions. For testing off-road tires, the company uses the polygon, which simulates extreme off-road conditions.

Cooper Sport TiresCooper Tires

Cooper tires are installed on various 4x4 cars: Land Rover, Volkswagen Touareg, Jeep Cherokee, Nissan Murano. The feedback from the drivers suggests: if you buy a set of Cooper Company tires, your car turns into a real off-roader!

Key benefits of Cooper Tires

Despite the large number of models, all tires of Cooper brand have common features.

  • Confident grip when driving on the dry and on wet surface;
  • Reinforced rubber layer of the tread, and strong sidewalls to protect the tire from mechanical damage;
  • Low noise level, which is felt only when moving at speeds above 120 km/h. But in this case it does not cause discomfort;
  • Dense network of grooves on the tread blocks;
  • Special "snow chute" technology for winter versions of tires. This is a special tread pattern, which distributes the load from the all-wheel drive vehicle across the surface of the contact patch.

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