Dunlop Company was founded in the UK in 1888 and bears the name of the inventor of the pneumatic tire John B. Dunlop.

The history of this famous company starts with the fact that the veterinary surgeon John Boyd Dunlop was watching his son riding a bike. All this was happening in the UK.

Observations led Dunlop to disappointing conclusions because the tires of the bike were too hard and this was bringing great discomfort to his son. After some deliberation, in 1888, he patented the first pneumatic tire. That is how the first tire filled with air was created.

In 1889 he opened a factory in Dublin and called it «Pneumatic Tire and Booths Cycle Agency Ltd.». This factory began to produce pneumatic tires for bicycles and John Boyd Dunlop became one of the leaders of this plant.

However, 4 years later, the plant produces first pneumatic tires designed for vehicles.

Dunlop TiresDunlop Company

Advantages of Dunlop Tires

  • These tires are designed so that they reduce the car's stopping distance to a minimum, as well as significantly reduce fuel consumption;
  • Due to the specific pattern on the tire you hear less outside noise;
  • These tires are out of the competition thanks to their wear-resistant features (they are made of special rubber compounds);
  • Steady, even at high speed;
  • The range of Dunlop tires has more than two hundred titles;
  • Dunlop tires have a high resistance to cuts and punctures.

As you know, these tires can be used for every brand of cars. This production range is so huge that every car owner will be able to choose the best variant of the tires for themselves. The fame of the company and its global prevalence suggests that the products of this company can be trusted. In conclusion we want to say that Dunlop car tires will be good for absolutely any vehicle.