What is a good tire for you? It must ensure good braking in dry and wet weather, it must not produce noise and it should be durable and have a reasonable price.

The thing is, when choosing car tires, the car owners have to trust advertising, rely on their own experience or listen to the experts. The last option, apparently, is the most rational one, so as to determine the length of braking distances on wet roads by experiment is not the most sensible method. What are the tires recommended be experts in the field? Here are just some quotes of the last time:

  1. "Recent tests conducted by leading German specialized magazine «Gute Fahrt» has demonstrated excellent results of Hankook tires".
  2. "Following a series of tests by «Auto Motor Und Sport» Hankook Ventus S1 evo tires were ranked first"
  3. "At the end of the summer test of the «Car Driver» magazine Ventus V12 evo tires have achieved impressive results."

Such quality of Hankook tires is the result of hard and focused work of Hankook Company specialists. This Korean tire company from year to year rose steadily from step to step, to press on the pedestal of industry leaders: American, European and Japanese companies, whose names for many years were synonymous with success.

Hankook TiresHankook Tire

Why Hankook Tires Are Popular

Dierk Möller Sonntag and Henning Clip from the «Bild Allrad» magazine have been testing cars and car tires for years. They earned the reputation of strict and impartial experts. When evaluating the results of the Hankook tires tests the experts always say that these tires have a low cost and extremely good quality. It is noteworthy that the quality and performance of Hankook tires is constantly growing up with the increase in sales. The demand for such tires is increasing worldwide even in times of crisis.

Thus, when buying these tires the driver can be sure that his car will not fail on both dry, wet or snowy roads.