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For over 90 years Yokohama Rubber Company has been caring for cars and trucks in communities across the globe.The production of tires started in the1930s. Yokohama Tire Corporation is considered a renowned leader in innovation and high-end technology. The product line of company includes tires for passenger car, high-performance, bus, commercial truck, and light truck. From the commencement of production, the company has embarked on manufacturing products of the highest quality to meet all the international standards.

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Why Yokohama Tires

Yokohama offers a number of advantages that separates them from their competitors. This include:

  • A special rubber compound is used in making of tires which can significantly reduce the wear and tear even at high torque and low temperatures.
  • The production of tires at Yokohama fulfills all requirements of environmental safety.
  • Yokohama’s wide range of products allows you to choose tires of your choice suitable for your vehicle type.
  • Yokohama uses orange oil technology that has led to the creation of eco tire range of low rolling resistance and good grip. The fuel efficient Yokohama eco tires are what they’re famous for.
  • Several quality tests are performed to meet all international standards and quality requirements before making tires available to the market.

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Basic Information and Tips

  • Check your pressure every month and keep it set to the recommended tire pressure.
  • Proper inflation protects your tires from wear and also gives you better gas mileage.
  • Inspect your tires every month and make sure that snags or cuts are not appearing on the sidewalls.
  • Yokohama tires are designed to last long, but if the tread is worn down to 2/32 of an inch, it is recommended to get new ones.

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